Camping Accessories

Going in a tent always brings amazing memories, regardless of the place and weather. There are few things that bring people closer together like camping, setting up a tent or looking for camping accessories in heavy rain.

Camping is coming back to grace! How pleasant it is today…

How about having a second home with you all the time?! I used to drive my bike around Bornholm, save my skin in Siberia and unite with my friends at the music festival in Gdynia. The tent and its modern accessories facilitate and diversify both day trips and long journeys. Find out why camping is back in favor today.

When I remember it today, I feel like I did in a previous era. Looking for eternally incomplete herring, matching dozens of tubes and some strange materials that in the case of more rain still soaked. Fortunately, today tents made a civilization leap.

Two questions before camping

I’ve already slept in a dozen or so. Some of them were typical “twos”, others had so many people that they seemed to be made of rubber. That’s why it’s best to start the search for the tent with two questions: “What should I take for a tent?” and “How many people should it be for?”. The latter will decide about the size of the equipment, as well as the ease of transport.

When we were riding under Bornholm, “two” was perfect, because it could be clipped to the trunk of a bicycle. On the other hand, during car accidents the tent for even four people did not take up much space in the trunk.

Besides, it is worth noting whether it is just a place to sleep at night on a camping site, or a kind of a small apartment. In the first case, it is worth choosing a tent without a vestibule, in the second case – to opt for a variant with as many as three rooms. For the undecided, there is also an intermediate solution.

In Siberia, when due to the rain we had to set up the tent in a flash, we appreciated the simplicity and great solutions in today’s camping equipment. It was really enough to pull two arches, put four pins in and we were already sitting inside waiting for the storm to pass.

What to take to the camping site?

A reliable tent is a lot, but not everything, because even the best one will not protect us from the cold. Sleeping bags, mattresses and mattresses are responsible for that. Thanks to them you will be able to spend the night in low and even minus temperatures. Apart from that, they are also useful during camping, just like a picnic blanket. You can sunbathe on them, sit on the dewy grass or just take a nap.

Because a tent is not only a place to survive the night, but also a great way to spend your free time. There are many useful accessories, but to this day I still remember how much we did at one of the music festivals.

Whoever attended such a party knows what everyday food looks like. The choice may be wide, but the prices are not very encouraging, although it’s still a small problem compared to queues.

That’s why everyone in Gdynia was sticking their eyes into us when they were nervously changing their legs while waiting for food, and we sat comfortably on folding chairs, pulled out the gas stove and counted down the minutes with menas in our hands until the pasta is perfectly al dente.

I think the cooker’s my favorite gadget. If someone remembers the times when a huge gas bottle was pulled on the camping site, let it quickly die out of memory, because it dates back to the times when Fiat 126p Fiat was driving in masses on the streets.

Today, the cooker weighs less than 0.3 kg and is often powered by gas cartridges. On the gas cooker burner you can boil tea water for five people in seven minutes. However, if you don’t want to be as small as possible, you can opt for a double cooker.

What else can I take for a tent?

Finally, about the basic things in the camping field, the forgetfulness of which can have big consequences. Imagine that in the middle of the forest at 3 a.m. you have to go as needed. In this situation, you can still lighten the way with a mobile phone, but reading a book or chatting with friends will be much more enjoyable if you take a tourist lamp with you.

The first aid kit is a very important but also often forgotten accessory. You don’t have to think about what you need to take every time, you just prepare it once, but carefully and if the slogan is “where to put the tent?”, you throw it in the rest of the accessories and you can be sure that there will always be basic medicines at hand.

So prepared, we are sure that a really small package will protect us from weather changes, will not let us get cold and will give us comfort not only during a weekend trip, but also during a few weeks’ expedition.