Steps To Choose The Right Travel Insurance

Summer vacations are getting closer and closer, and most travelers already know what their travel destination will be. Some will stay in Spain enjoying its coasts, others will take advantage to travel around Europe… and the more adventurous will choose to make a long trip to the other side of the planet.

When we book our trip, sometimes the holiday package includes travel insurance (an inclusion policy) and we tend to think that it is enough to cover any unforeseen event during our holidays.

Depending on the destination and the type of trip we are going to take may be enough, but we recommend you review the coverage of this standard insurance and complete it if necessary (in many cases it only contains basic coverage) with a more complete travel policy.

It is important to know the coverages offered by a travel insurance, in order to adapt it as much as possible to the journey that is going to be made and to the people who are going to travel.

Before taking out travel insurance, it is recommended that you answer the following questions:

Is travel insurance compulsory in the country of destination?

Some destinations require a travel assistance policy in order to enter the country (for example, Cuba, Russia or Algeria). These destinations do not accept any insurance. Therefore, the traveler must ensure that the insurance company providing the service is authorized in the country.

What are the exclusions and coverages of travel insurance?

It is recommended to compare different travel insurances in order to know what they include and what they do not include. Sometimes, for a small extra cost, it is worth taking out a more comprehensive policy. In this sense, it is essential to read well the guarantees offered by the policy and not to be left alone with general information such as the price of the insurance.

How many trips are going to be made during the year?

This factor will help us when choosing between a temporary or an annual policy. In this way, in the event that the traveller moves several times throughout the year, he or she will be insured for all the trips he or she makes 365 days a year, at a cheaper price.

Are there going to be sports activities?

Not all sports are covered in all policies. The traveller must find out which types of activities are included and which are not. In many cases it is possible to insure them for a minimum percentage.

How many people are going to travel?

It is recommended to choose the travel insurance depending on whether you are travelling alone, with your family, or with a large group of people.

Does it cover the travel of a companion in case of hospitalization?

If the traveller may need to be hospitalized during the trip, we recommend insurance to cover the costs of transfer and stay of another person at their holiday destination. It is therefore important to make sure that the policy includes this guarantee and what the amount is.

What is the health system like in the country of destination?

It is advisable to find out about the quality of the health system in the country to which you are travelling and the cost of receiving medical assistance at your destination.

For example, in countries such as the USA and some destinations in Asia, receiving assistance can be expensive. This information is helpful when choosing the perfect travel insurance with the necessary expansions in medical expenses, repatriation, etc.

Who bears the costs at first, the insurance or the insured?

It is essential to take this factor into account if the traveller is not going to be able to cope with possible unforeseen expenses. For example, in the case of reimbursement insurance, the insured pays for the services and presents the invoices on his return.

The ideal is always for the insurer to pay directly for the service in the event of receiving medical assistance and to avoid the insured having to face high disbursements. It is also essential to ensure that the insurance does not include an excess.

Does it include cancellation insurance?

It will always be worth investing a little more in an insurance that allows the traveller to cancel their trip and recover the entire cost, as long as the reasons why they will not finally be able to travel are included in the cancellation insurance.

Is the travel insurance specialist?

It is recommended that you choose a company specialising in the travel sector. In this way, the traveller will have the most experience and the best resources in assistance.

These steps will help you choose the most suitable Travel Insurance in each case and enjoy a trip insured by a policy as complete and personalized as possible. Travel Insurance offers a wide range of solutions so that your travel insurance adapts as much as possible to your needs.


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