Travel Can Help You Fight Depression

Travelling does not only mean moving from one place to another and discovering a new place, but above all it represents a personal experience that takes the form of an inner journey, allowing you to gradually discover a part of yourself that you did not know before. If travelling affects your knowledge and your emotions then it can also change your feelings and help you in the bad times of life.

Who said that running away and leaving is not a solution? Often it’s just the opposite because only by putting yourself at a certain distance from what happens to you, you can discover things that until now you could not see. A journey will undoubtedly lead you to the discovery of the world, but inevitably you will also discover how to extrapolate from the world those little experiences that can solve the problems within you.

Travelling can help you to fight depression, an extremely common mental problem, which can take everyone, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, famous and ordinary people, but that maybe can be somehow solved through travel.

People suffering from depression cannot rejoice in common things, such as the end of the cold winter and the beginning of the hot season, days at sea and in the sun, a special meeting or a good result achieved, but they always tend to see everything in negative. Depression makes you see the grey of life, turns off the colors that surround you, turns off the joy.

An existential, wearisome emptiness within, that no loved one can alleviate and somehow solve. So what can you do? Entrusting yourself to a therapist is certainly the right choice because depression remains a disease so it involves a cure, but trying to solve the problem alone is a big step forward;

It means that the disease has not defeated you, that you have even more strength and you can win it, you can do it, alone, with your will! How can you get help? There are many psychologists who support the decision to change the air as a valid solution to combat depression. Take it, pack your suitcase, put the minimum necessary because it will take so little, you will slowly create your emotional baggage.

Everything that in your daily life seemed so sad and monotonous will no longer make sense because it will no longer be part of your daily life, renewed and rebuilt day after day by new and unpredictable experiences.

There is no need to plan a long trip, to a very distant place and have a lot of money at your disposal. A weekend to get away from everything and everyone can be more than enough, it can help you to disconnect that famous thorn from everyday life, often oppressive. The best destinations to find your psychophysical well-being are definitely warm and sunny places.

The sun, in addition to helping the immune system, regulates the biological rhythms and increases the response of the endocrine system by stimulating the production of serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and vitamin D, both essential to our body to combat that long inner winter, or depression.

Often the real problem is how you feel in a way full of rules and social impositions where you have to be in the right place, with the right person and at the right time to do the right thing. But who says it has to be this way? Why do you have to follow a pattern?

It is precisely that scheme that creates a cage for your personality so traveling, moving away, discovering new cultures, having new stimuli, can get you out of that scheme to make you understand that it is not an obligation to be part of it, maybe you impose the obligation.

Try to give up everything and leave, give yourself a time, a destination and try to bring back your true “I”, the greatest victory is to succeed alone so as never to fall back. Travelling makes you grow because it goes without saying that bad things can always happen, wherever we are.

What really changes what we are is the way we find to deal with the negative aspects of a life that, with all its drawbacks, is worth living to the fullest. And so rather than letting yourself go to excessive anxieties, fears and worries, thrown into new situations that will teach you how to handle pain calmly, how to pass a bad thought considering that there are always those who are worse off say, how you can learn that happiness is in the small things.

The frustration of getting what others have and you don’t have what it takes if not to wear you out? Rejoice in who you are, in what you have, find, through the journey, the positive aspect of the cycle of your life and everything that follows will gradually take the right place.

Remember that not all evils come to harm and that often, from negative things and pain, something very beautiful comes to life that you probably wouldn’t even have understood if you hadn’t faced hell before.

Turn your illness, your depression, into a lethal weapon not against you, but against everything that has led you to feel so bad and you win. Help yourself and let yourself go to new experiences. Travelling can be tiring, the adventure may seem too much.

But what do you have to lose? What you might find is worth much more than any negative thought that might create obstacles for you. Without plans, without predefined goals, without planning your day, live a truly open experience, give yourself the opportunity to know other places and other people, to share your story and your emotions with others and from this newfound vitality defeat your mental illness.

Because traveling can help you fight depression, but you alone must choose to do so. The world is out and waiting for you!