Family Vacation in Loreto

While many people think of Mexico as the ideal place for a romantic getaway for a couple or an exciting Spring Break vacation, it’s also a country with some of the most sensational family destinations in the world.

The town of Loreto, located on the east coast of the Baja California Peninsula, has all the culture and beauty of the largest Mexican cities but without the crowds and unstoppable parties of crowded cities like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas.

While those destinations in Mexico have their own vacationer appeal, Loreto, Baja California Sur is a unique and ideal jewel for adventurers, history buffs, athletes and travelers of all ages in search of wellness.

Choosing Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa in the Loreto Islands as your family vacation destination gives you access to family services and activities that will help you and your children build great memories for a lifetime while spending quality time together in a safe and tranquil environment.

International family destinations help children broaden their vision and above all provide new learning opportunities. In Mexico, your children can try authentic dishes, observe traditional dances, and explore new landscapes they may not have at home.

While interacting with friendly staff and exploring Loreto, Mexico, they can learn basic Spanish phrases and experience life in a foreign country. As a popular family destination, Loreto, Mexico is known for its serenity and security, which gives you peace of mind as you explore the region.

This is important because the time you spend as a family within a foreign culture will expand your horizons and bring you closer to the family activities offered by Loreto.

Villa del Palmar in the Loreto Islands is clearly a family hotel designed to provide entertainment and special services from check in to check out for children to feel like VIPs. Upon arrival, the attentive staff will show the children a special desk to fill out a form about their favorite things and their dream vacation, which will allow them to adapt the services to the needs of your family.

As part of the Villa del Palmar Loreto family program, you will find a camping kit inside the room to make your vacation bedtime very exciting after spending a day of fun in the sun. At dinner time, in the various restaurants of Villa del Palmar Loreto, you will find a special menu for children with fun presentations and after lunch, children can go up on stage to participate in songs and games during the evening shows.

With these extraordinary touches, Villa del Palmar Loreto’s family program aims to provide a quality service that guarantees children’s smiles.

Perhaps the most exciting part of a vacation in Mexico for children are the family activities at Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa in the Loreto Islands, designed to introduce you and your children to different aspects of the vibrant Mexican culture that make this one of the best family destinations.

The varied packages at the family hotel include a variety of family activities every day, including bicycle rides, hiking, rowing and mini golf. As part of the Villa del Palmar Loreto family program, beach volleyball, sandcastle construction and fishing are done daily on the shore in front of Villa del Palmar Loreto so that families can carry out these activities together.

Inside, your little Picasso can create masterpieces during the piƱata, kite and jewellery workshops. These family activities in Loreto are more fun than ever, and are the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality time together in a vibrant family destination away from the distraction of your normal routine.

Loreto, Mexico, is not only a family destination; it is also a romantic city where parents can enjoy maximum relaxation. Because of this, Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa in the Loreto Islands has an energetic and very safe Kids Club with specially trained staff that will invite children to group games and extraordinary crafts, leaving mom and dad free to sunbathe on their own.

As a family hotel, the staff’s goal is for children and parents to enjoy a holiday tailored to their specific needs and requests.

With all the extraordinary family activities in Loreto, Villa del Palmar on the Loreto Islands is ready to provide you and your family with the amenities and services you need not only for a fun vacation but also for a fun and relaxing holiday.