How to use TikTok to promote your brand

New technologies and generations are advancing at the speed of light, but the truth is that when many people and companies were still upgrading to Instagram, a new social network with another world of possibilities is already in our lives: TikTok.

What free tiktok likes presents us with is a different digital platform, and as such, it addresses a special audience. The publications you will find here have a unique format, the short vertical video made with a mobile device. A space for creativity and positivism, which can be very useful if we know how to use it well.

So, let’s analyze what TikTok can offer us, unlike other social networks.

Creating stories through music

We will be able to give free rein to our imagination and transmit our messages effectively by making use of the different styles available: singing, dancing, making jokes and gestures, etc. Mini stories of between 15 seconds and 1 minute, loaded with meaning or conceived for such diverse objectives as having fun, discovering, making yourself seen, or encouraging interaction with your followers.

This corresponds to the network’s own motto of “real people, real video”, making Instagram a great tool to impact, connect and appeal.

The most effective way to reach Generation Z

The network has a base of over 500 million active users, with an average application stay of 52 minutes per day. The so-called Generation Z has been the pioneer in becoming both the protagonists of these videos and the largest consumer of their content. As a matter of fact, 90% of the users are under 35 years old and 60% have higher education. Conclusion: if you want to reach it, you have to be in TikTok.

This means taking your presence (either personally or as a business) to a new potential target. But also, by diversifying our communication channels, we will be able to work on the message and adapt it to our objectives. Result: more target, more audience, higher quality of impact.

Your brand closer to your customers

You can contribute to the online organic positioning of your brand, as well as show your closer side. Who is and sees in TikTok is not looking for models or perfection, but real people and their daily stories using the brand as part of their day to day, with the implementation of its benefits, advantages, etc.

Trends, interactions and a community that understands itself with its own language

It is essential to be up to date in terms of hashtags trends and to initiate and participate in the well-known challenges, encouraging participation as a response to these challenges, which allows us to generate more time in our profiles and, above all, an increase in interactivity with the user public. It is no longer enough just to “be on”, we must also “be top”.

It’s about taking advantage of the format of this app like Karaoke or Lip Sync to adapt it to your industry, sector, or personal interests as solidarity causes. You can discover more of the keys to TikTok’s success in TikTok: for the first time, a social network ‘made in China’ has a global success.

The ‘now’ and the ‘as is

Topicality is essential and, if it is a matter of daily life, spontaneity is of course also essential. It is therefore very important to make publications with a regular and even daily frequency. Also, think about it if you really want to (are interested) and can (spend the necessary time) be in TikTok, because our advice is to only open it if you are sure.

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