Grant Reporting – Progress

Reporting Requirements

Under your Agreement, the Grantee shall provide written progress reports on at least a quarterly basis. A progress report is required even if no work has been done and/or no payment is requested. Progress reports are due before the 14th of the month after the end of the reporting period. If you submit on or after the 14th of the month your payment may be delayed by up to 30 days.

The report includes the following three forms:

  1. Form GLC-GLRI 1E – Invoice
  2. Form GLC-GLRI-2A – Conservation Practice Implementation Progress Reporting
  3. Form GLC-GLRI-3A – Report Narrative

Please submit these forms below. The Invoice alone (Form 1E) must be a signed PDF file. The other two forms–Conservation Practice Implementation Progress Reporting and the Report Narrative (Forms 2A and 3A)–must use the original Excel and Word format. Please do not make PDFs of these two files, as they need to be editable for consolidation with other forms, and this will delay your payment.