Today’s High Tech Auto Body Shop

The evolution of a car has actually changed substantially since the first auto was created centuries ago.

The auto body from cars and trucks of the past did not have much in the method of a second chance.

If the unthinkable happened causing damages, auto mechanics in Auto Body Shops San Antonio may have been able to do a repair work yet nothing that could be compared with repair services possible today as a result of the advanced devices utilized every day.


Detecting a good paint work is something many people can do. Previously, obtaining paint job fixed was a nightmare.

You would go into a service center as well as spend time with the mechanic arguing over which color was the closest to that of the cars and truck, knowing that if a person takes any kind of notice of your vehicle the irregular paint work will be disclosed.

Fast forward to 2020 and also modern technology is able to learn the specific paint shade code of your existing coat of paint which then allows the auto mechanics to duplicate the precise very same color to guarantee that the auto body appears like new.

Technology has actually also minimized the carbon impact painting the auto body has.

Lead was a key component in paints which is bad for health and wellness of both human beings as well as the atmosphere. The brand-new water based paint has improved this situation profoundly ensuring car body stores are playing their part in conserving the atmosphere.


Mechanics have always been known to have a good eye and while this has actually not transformed they are now helped by innovation.

Technology has the ability to obtain the measurements 100% exact, every single time.

While there was initially some resistance to welcome the innovation all auto body stores have currently recognized computer systems are the means ahead as well as otherwise utilized the store might as well include the white towel currently.


Every vehicle body shot auto mechanic from Calgary to Timbuktu recognizes with welding. The materials used to bond components in position is rather important stuff, a powerlessness in welding can be harmful.

As scientists have actually checked out area welds, the sheets utilized for the welds are currently lighter as well as stronger than those 10 years ago.

Scientists search in specific for the very best equilibrium to optimize cross-tension toughness versus tensile stamina to supply the best choices. One more outcome’s of using lighter products in the welding procedure is the ecological benefits.

Little Dent Fixes

Paintless dent fixings are taken on in auto body stores daily. This is one area in the high tech body shops that has not been entirely transformed by innovation.

Initially effort was all that was needed with a little bit of understand exactly how. Fast forward today, the job is still manual however a few professional devices are made use of to get the best results.

Technology is occurring at an amazing price. People are discovering how to use it in brand-new ways day-to-day. Several of these technologies have actually revolutionized the method the automobile body shops run.

With robotics and also machines consistently advancing, could we see the day of auto mechanics being eliminated from car body fixing.


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